• Transform Your Skin!

    “For anyone with skincare issues this should be an everyday place.
    Dr. Boneva is caring and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to
    her craft. She treats every possible root cause of your skin condition.
    If you are unhappy with your skin you should make an appointment

    Transform your skin..
  • Clean Colon = Clean Skin

    Dr. Boneva believes that maintaining a high level of hygiene in your colon
    tremendously improves the condition of your skin. This is why we offer
    Colon Hydrotherapy with our Colenz ® device.

    Try our Colon Hydrotherapy with Colenz.
  • Critically Acclaimed!

    “… [Dr. Boneva] is a person, not only dedicated to her work, but also to
    her clients. With her help I have seen incredible skin transformation and
    I am finally able to enjoy life with perfectly clear and youthful looking
    skin, without any makeup needed. I am at the age of 23 and I have never
    had such an flawless skin, my whole life and I am extremely grateful for
    the results and everything Dr. Boneva has done for me.
    Dr. Boneva is a true miracle for me.”

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