About Our Founder – Dr. Mariana Boneva

The Skin Guru

Dr. Boneva isn’t just credentialed to work on skin – she knows, from personal experience, how to transform it. As has been the case for many pioneers, a life-altering incident set her on a path of radical innovation. When an accident caused serious injury to her face as a young woman, doctors insisted that plastic surgery was the only way to restore her appearance. Reluctant to go under the knife, Dr. Boneva began working to expand her knowledge of skin, determined to regenerate her skin naturally. At the time of her final check-up, her doctors were absolutely amazed at what she had been able to achieve without surgical intervention: total skin restoration. It was during this period of experimentation that she discovered the “secret”:

“The conventional Western approach to skincare is both aggressive and invasive,” says Dr. Boneva, “plus, it doesn’t change the body’s underlying ecology, which is really the secret to lasting health and beautiful skin. Everyone’s skin is slightly different, which is why one-size-fits-all treatments don’t work. To actually heal skin, you have to feel it, observe its condition carefully, and approach it with love. That’s why I begin treatments gently, gradually increase intensity, and tailor individualized approaches that can truly transform the way my clients look and feel about themselves.”

Born in Bulgaria, Dr. Boneva was an exceptional student and received a scholarship to study medicine at a university in Varna, a cosmopolitan city on the Black Sea coast. There she completed her medical training and residency, obtaining her MD. Though she began her career specializing in orthopedic surgery, she developed an interest in laser technologies and began training in Frankfurt, Germany in the clinical use of cold lasers and cosmetic and surgical lasers. After her accident, she deepened this study, changed her specialization to dermatology and ran two successful cosmetic practices in Europe before coming to the US.
Over the years developing her skills in light-based procedures, Dr. Boneva has become one of New York City’s top experts in aesthetic laser procedures and has pioneered some of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments practiced in Manhattan today. Taking that innovative spirit further, Dr. Boneva has developed a line of highly effective skincare products to address the most stubborn issues she has seen in her practice. Free of preservatives and harsh chemical ingredients, Dr. Boneva has harnessed the power of nature to create products that truly heal and restore. “The goal of dermatology is to correct skin’s imperfections,” says Dr. Boneva, “but my personal goal is to empower, to make clients and customers feel more confident and beautiful – naturally.”

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