Laser Hair Removal – before and after

About the procedure

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal can help you achieve significant reduction of unwanted hair through a serious of treatments.

Unlike other types of hair removal lasers that use a single light wavelength concentration, IPL lasers use a full spectrum of light wavelengths. IPL lasers can alter the intensity of its pulsed light beams with various filters. It is the greater wavelength that enables IPL lasers to treat larger areas of skin at one time. Areas like the legs and back can be treated in a fraction of the time required with standard lasers. One of the biggest reasons why IPL lasers are so popular in the hair removal industry is the lower cost. On average, IPL treatments are cheaper than the standard cost of laser hair removal.

You should see some results after your first Intense Pulsed Light hair removal treatment. However, because your hair grows in cycles, 3-6 Intense Pulsed Light sessions are usually required to achieve full results. The hair that does grow back after your Intense Pulsed Light treatment from our NYC medical spa should be thinner and lighter in color, and with multiple laser hair removal treatments, you should see a significant reduction in hair growth in the areas treated.

Customer Testimonials

Ira R. –

Great service, great value – Dr. Boneva (the owner) is very conscientious and attentive. Service is friendly and professional. I've been back several times and always have been pleased. The ambiance is very soothing. The packages for laser services are a great value.

Happy G. –

Not an average laser center – So as soon as I walked in to BPA I knew this wasn't going to be anything like the places I've been before. From the moment you walk in, the facility gives you this medical feel, which I now find very appropriate for something as serious as a laser treatment. The knowledge an professionalism you notice in everyone from the receptionist to the person doing your treatment is nothing like what I've experienced before. Most importantly the results are in proportion with the great experience. Thumbs up!!!

Gina V. –

The best care – This is the best medical and laser center I have ever been to. I really recommend it to everyone who wants someone to care for them and give them the right answer they were looking for so long, not to take their money. Thank you Dr. Boneva, you changed my life...

George L. –

Really professional – if you get a treatment at Beauty Plus Aesthetics, you will experience their professionalism. Finally, a laser center, where the person who does the consultation is the person doing the treatment. And guess what, this person is not only a good Doctor, but she is concerned about you...The place is clean organized and the results are real.

Gabriel L. –

Reliable, affordable and effective laser treatment – I highly recommend Beauty Plus Aesthetics for a laser treatment. even after the first session, I started to see a big difference. Clean, professional and very effective treatment, and very friendly staff. and located right in the heart of Midtown.

Boby L. –

Wonderful hair removal – I have had six hair removal treatments and the results have been fantastic. The place is clean, professional and quiet. The staff are friendly and especially Dr. Boneva is extremely knowledgeable and kind. I will be their client for a long time...

Benn S. –

Quick and easy Laser Hair Removal – What a great experience I have had with Beauty Plus Aesthetics! I use to get nasty ingrown on my neck from shaving, so I wanted to get my whole face done, I was so sick and tired of it. I went in for a consultation and Dr. Boneva (the Owner) sat me down and discussed everything in detail with me. She suggested that I only start with my cheeks and neck, because I told her I liked my beard. I liked the fact that she wasn't trying to sell me a whole face package but really suggested I do what made we feel and look better. I have done four sessions on my...

Anton C. –

The best hair removal – I didn't know how nice laser hair removal could be until i came to Beauty Plus Aesthetics. I completed seven treatments to get my back and chest area completely bare and my skin is like a baby. I feel so good going to the GYM now. Thank you BPA, I'm so pleased!

Angel D. –

Great professionals and the best location – Dr. Boneva is wonderful. She is really talented for what she is doing and she is totally beautiful. She is also a very nice person, who cares very much about her clients!

Aneta R. –

The right place to go – Finally I found the right laser center. They are professional and know what they are doing . While with Dr. Boneva , she makes me feel like I'm in heaven.... They are busy, but you don't have to wait , very well organized . That's the place where real clients want to go!

Treatment Details

Duration: Treatments typically take from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type and size of the treatment area.