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When you come to Beauty Plus Aesthetics Laser Center you notice a difference... What distinguishes us from all others is the emphasis we place on the uniqueness of each person. You are unique, did you know that?

There are three main principles which govern our approach:

Holistic - which takes into account a person's body, mind and emotions.
Personalized - which is adopted to each person's lifestyle and body type.
Coherent - all advice and treatments are interrelated. They are designed in synergy with each other.

Our precise observation of each individual is founded on two types of procedures:
- Identifying the morphological group to which the person belongs.
- Assessing a person's present state of health, genetic predispositions and lifestyle habits.

Based on this our cure gives you both: advice and treatment. Advice on prevention and maintenance for good health and advice on treating the underlying causes of the skin's imperfections. We guarantee you that you will come to like what you learn about yourself. Empowered by your personalized cure, the ravages of time will have little hold on you.

About Our Founder - Dr. Mariana Boneva

As mentioned in a biography titled "Skin Guru" by Dana Micheli, Dr. Mariana Boneva developed her passion for skin care, after an accident which caused serious injury to her face. For full recovery doctors insisted that she needed plastic surgery. After working hard to expand her skin knowledge she discovered the secret. At the final check-up, doctors were amazed at what they saw.

Dr. Boneva owned two cosmetic practices in her hometown in Europe. After 8 years of developing her skills in light based procedures she has become an expert in the field of aesthetic laser procedures. She pioneered the most advanced laser treatments 2D and 3D Skin Rejuvenation in Manhattan. She states "My goal is not only to correct skin's imperfections, but to create actual improvement in patients' self image."

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  • • All appointments are on a first come, first served basis.

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  • • Please note all times given for treatments are approximate times only.

  • • Get a 10% discount on a series of six or more treatments.