Spider Vein Removal – before and after

About spider veins

Spider veins are the dilation of a small group of blood vessels located near the skin’s surface. They are extremely small vessels that become larger when small venules inside or underneath the skin become enlarged or dilated. Spider veins are normally found on the legs and face and often look like red or purple spider webs.

How we treat them?

Using our Fischer TS-1 epilator we apply Dr. Michael Bono’s “blend method” to effectively remove spider veins on all parts of the body. This approach is the safest and least painful, due to the fact that the area coagulates immediately from the light electric current being applied during the treatment.

Treatment Details

Duration: Treatments typically take from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type and size of the treatment area.

Customer Testimonials

Ira R. –

Great service, great value – Dr. Boneva (the owner) is very conscientious and attentive. Service is friendly and professional. I've been back several times and always have been pleased. The ambiance is very soothing. The packages for laser services are a great value.

Gina V. –

The best care – This is the best medical and laser center I have ever been to. I really recommend it to everyone who wants someone to care for them and give them the right answer they were looking for so long, not to take their money. Thank you Dr. Boneva, you changed my life...

George L. –

Really professional – if you get a treatment at Beauty Plus Aesthetics, you will experience their professionalism. Finally, a laser center, where the person who does the consultation is the person doing the treatment. And guess what, this person is not only a good Doctor, but she is concerned about you...The place is clean organized and the results are real.

Gabriel L. –

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Angel D. –

Great professionals and the best location – Dr. Boneva is wonderful. She is really talented for what she is doing and she is totally beautiful. She is also a very nice person, who cares very much about her clients!

Aneta R. –

The right place to go – Finally I found the right laser center. They are professional and know what they are doing . While with Dr. Boneva , she makes me feel like I'm in heaven.... They are busy, but you don't have to wait , very well organized . That's the place where real clients want to go!