with Skin Resurfacing! Diminish acne, scarring, fine lines,
wrinkles, uneven skin, pigmentation, and etc.
with Vibradermabrasion. It is great for all skin
types! Proven to give instant results!
with Colon Hydrotherapy. Improve your skin and your
mood with our state of the art colon cleansing system.

The BEAUTY + AESTHETICS difference

If you’re on a quest for better skin, you’ve probably tried it all – including expensive creams and all kinds of harsh treatments. Maybe you’ve already seen a dermatologist and didn’t get the results you were hoping for. What makes us different? We put holism, integrated care, and emphasis on the uniqueness of each person at the heart of our practice. Our goal? A more beautiful you, inside and out.

HOLISTIC – While all dermatologists aim to improve the surface appearance of your skin, not all dig deep to get to the root of your problems, which is why some skin issues never seem to resolve. To find the right approach to heal your skin, Dr. Boneva will examine everything that affects it – from genetic predispositions and lifestyle habits to mental patterns or emotional blocks that may be contributing to your condition.

PERSONALIZED – Once Dr. Boneva has diagnosed your condition and gained insight into what’s causing it, she will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is precisely tailored to address your unique skin type and requirements.

COHERENT – From dietary recommendations and colon cleansing to topical applications and laser procedures, all facets of Dr. Boneva’s treatment plans are designed to work synergistically to get you optimal results.

Dramatic change takes time and commitment. But, if you are ready to transform your skin, Dr. Boneva will help you get there.

The Skin Guru – Dr. Mariana Boneva

One of New York City’s top experts in aesthetic laser procedures and has pioneered some of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments practiced in Manhattan today. Taking that innovative spirit further, Dr. Boneva has developed a line of highly effective skincare products to address the most stubborn issues she has seen in her practice. Free of preservatives and harsh chemical ingredients, Dr. Boneva has harnessed the power of nature to create products that truly heal and restore. “The goal of dermatology is to correct skin’s imperfections,” says Dr. Boneva, “but my personal goal is to empower, to make clients and customers feel more confident and beautiful – naturally.”

Skin Resurfacing*

A powerful treatment combination that rejuvenates the skin and stimulates healing. Perfect for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, dehydrated skin, and even fading scars!


Our most popular exfoliation treatment great for all skin types. Proven to reduce wrinkles, spots and blemishes without any irritation!

Colon Hydrotherapy

Improve your skin and your mood! Refresh and clean your body internally with the colon hydrotherapy cleansing system that will change your life!

Skin Rejuvenation (IPL)*

IPL Photofacial is an ideal treatment for skin care concerns ranging from redness, light acne scars and rosacea to broken capillaries and hyper pigmentation.

Laser Hair Removal*

Effectively remove unwanted hair in multiple sessions without leaving the skin inflamed, blotchy and pigmented like other techniques.

Skin Tag & Mole Removal*

Get rid of those pesky skin tags and moles using the effective ‘blend method’ proven to be the safest and least painful.

Spider Vein Removal*

Quick and simple procedure that will alleviate and fade those embarrassing broken capillaries and spider veins. Can also treat rashes, varicose veins and telangiectasia.

Cherry Angioma Removal*

Don’t let those unappealing bumps get in the way. Get rid of those harmless red spots easily!

Customer Testimonials

Ruth Crosson –

I developed acne early. By high school I was breaking out frequently and not only on my face but on my shoulders, chest and back. For a teenage girl this was devastating. My self esteem was pretty low and of course the issue of boys made me very self conscious of my...

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l777 –

Glad I found it – Have struggled with acne for over 6 years. Microdermabrasion and laser treatment have really helped me control my acne and has reduced the scarring over the last few months. Would recommend to anyone who has tried everything else for acne and not...

read more

TB Design –

Dr. Mariana Boneva is amazing! – Dr. Boneva is so intelligent and not only understands skin, but the function of the body. She has taught me how to care for my skin with easy regimes along with her own affordable products that feel wonderful and produce great results....

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Great Results Immediately! – I recently started going to Dr. Boneva for her wonderful Vibradermabrasion treatment. My skin was oily and damaged from the sun. I had some minor imperfections, but I was more concerned with evening out my skin tone and looking more...

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Debbie f.-

walk out glowing – My sister and I both tried Dr. Boneva's vibradermabrasion treatment. We did it twice so we could really see if there was a change. Dr. Boneva did a very nice job and was particularly attentive to each of our specific facial issues. I walked out both...

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Neal Furie –

Healthy Skin and a Healthy Colon - Worth Every $0 Spent – My experince with Dr. Boneva has been and excellent one. I first began with non-invasive anti-aging skin rejuvenation last August and the results were amazing. I now have vibrant, healthy skin, looks years...

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preciousrain7 –

Such positive result in just 4 weeks!! – when i first came to beauty plus aesthetics i only had 4 weeks in nyc as i was relocating to a new country. i shared my story of never having good (relative word in my life) skin and now that i was moving to a new country i...

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dj1218 –

Cant Wait – My appointment w Dr Boneva is around the corner. These past two weeks ive had the worst break out ever in my life. I suffer from acne since i was teenager till now the age of 28. Seriously why do i have a problem w this??To the point that i ve no idea what...

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jessie78 –

The Absolute Best Skincare Spa Ever!!! Highly Recommend! – I have had terrible cystic acne for several years now due to stress and hormonal changes. Anyone suffering from acne, especially as an adult, is fully aware of the embarassment and low self-esteem that can...

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Vanessa K. –

Great Results! – I have been getting vibradermabrasion treatments since December and I love the results! Dr Mariana Boneva is very honest with what products you should use on your skin daily. My skin has really improved since I started the treatments on a monthly...

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Olga E. –

So far I've received 2 treatments(Vibradermabrasion and Skin Trifecta) from Dr. Boneva. Not only have both treatments immensely improved my skin, but the service I received was exceptional. Dr. Boneva explained the procedures to me step by step and told me what food...

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Iva T. –

Incredible Results & Great Service – In the past several months I have been fighting a severe acne breakouts and I haven't been able to find the reason why my skin has gotten that bad. I was at a point, where I was willing to do anything to stop the breakouts and...

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Gina I. –

Great Products – I have had two sessions and had amazing results. The best part was that the products worked perfectly for my skin. However the most important thing is to maintain the visits and/or the products to be able to see durable results.

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Denise A. –

Best Skin Care – Dr. Mariana Boneva used vibradermabrasion on my face for an extreme case of hyperpigmentation. Results were immediate. I have had four treatments. A NEW ME. The office is warm and inviting. During treatment, she explains the process. I wish I had...

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Melissa S. –

I've always loved the vibradermabrasion treatments here. I find Dr. Boneva to be very straightforward, direct, skilled and professional. I've come to trust her entirely with my facial treatment. So yesterday, when she mentioned she could treat the skin tags on my...

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