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No matter how humble, spiritual, or psychologically liberated we may be, few of us feel happy about the effects of aging. Most of us want to look better, feel better and, if it were possible, turn back the hands of time. Dr. Mariana Boneva suggests that a multi-faceted, holistic approach creates the most natural looking, luminous and long lasting results.

You prefer a natural and gradual approach to skin rejuvenation rather than artificially “plumping” skin with injectables. Why do you advise against injectables—and can one get comparable results with light-based and laser therapy?

The speed of our skin’s aging process is mainly determined by the level of collagen production, which slowly begins to decrease after the age of 25. It’s an inevitable and fundamental process. It cannot be stopped, but we can slow it down.
As of late, injectables have been the most popular way for practitioners to help their clients fight the effects of the aging process. In my professional experience, I have found that this approach has some major disadvantages. Once started, the injections must be repeated every 1, 2 or 3 years (or even as soon as 6 months later), depending on the injectable. Not only is this expensive, painful, and “high-maintenance,” the effectiveness of each session tends to decrease, which warrants an increase in the amount of filler used each time. The worst part is, after 6-10 years, long-term, regular use of injectables results in a drastic change in the biochemistry and histology of the skin. It no longer looks as radiant and alive. Instead it tends to look artificially swollen, which definitely does not make you look any younger (or prettier).
I think it is very important that this be explained to young women in their early 20’s, who are asking for injectables to prevent wrinkles.

What are some of your tried and true skin care tips that anyone can incorporate into their for better skin?

Start your day with a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon to balance pH. Minimize dairy products and spicy foods in your diet. Always wear sunscreen, preferably a natural zinc oxide formula. Keep your colon clean. These are just a few general guidelines, but remember, everyone’s skin is different. This is why I make recommendations based on individual analysis of my patients’ skin. The most important thing everyone should know is that every aspect of our lifestyle influences the condition of our skin. As Christian Hufeland, a famous German scientist in the 19th century, wisely said: “… we should not look at our skin only like a shield against rain and sun, but first and foremost look at it as one of the most important organs in our body, without whose constant effective function and support we will not be able to live a healthy and long life

What is the best non-surgical wrinkle treatment?

Chemical peel, dermabrasion, and laser resurfacing are the most commonly used techniques for improving the texture and appearance of the skin, and to smooth or possibly eliminate wrinkles. Although these techniques use different methods, they have basically the same effect on the skin—they destroy and remove the upper layers of skin to allow for skin regrowth.

No one technique is necessarily better than the others. But the choice of technique is based on the site you want to treat, your skin type and condition, the doctor’s experience, your preferences, and other things. Some people may get the best results using a combination of techniques, which usually i prefer to experience in my office. Some of my clients following strictly my instructions before and after achieved fantastic results even better after the surgery and with less risks and shorter downtime….


anti aging the best wrinkle treatment before and after

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Olga E. –

So far I've received 2 treatments(Vibradermabrasion and Skin Trifecta) from Dr. Boneva. Not only have both treatments immensely improved my skin, but the service I received was exceptional. Dr. Boneva explained the procedures to me step by step and told me what food...

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Iva T. –

Incredible Results & Great Service – In the past several months I have been fighting a severe acne breakouts and I haven't been able to find the reason why my skin has gotten that bad. I was at a point, where I was willing to do anything to stop the breakouts and...

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Jessie S. –

The Absolute Best Skincare Spa Ever!!! Highly Recommend! – I have had terrible cystic acne for several years now due to stress and hormonal changes. Anyone suffering from acne, especially as an adult, is fully aware of the embarrassment and low self-esteem that can...

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Jacky S. –

Individualized Skin Care – Dr. Boneva is one of a kind. She is extremely knowledgeable. She provides a skin care program that is individualized - she gives advice not just on skin, but on diet and vitamin supplements to attain maximum results. The results from the...

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Ivan M. –

Vibradermabrasion is good for smokers – I have been a smoker for twenty plus years, and suffer from very sensitive skin. I heard about Beauty Plus Aesthetics laser center and Dr. Boneva... She gave me a free consultation for more than a hour, which changed my life....

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Iva H. –

Incredible Results & Great Service – In the past several months I have been fighting a severe acne breakouts and I haven't been able to find the reason why my skin has gotten that bad. I was at a point, where I was willing to do anything to stop the breakouts and...

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Ira R. –

Great service, great value – Dr. Boneva (the owner) is very conscientious and attentive. Service is friendly and professional. I've been back several times and always have been pleased. The ambiance is very soothing. The packages for laser services are a great value.

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Ikareema L. –

Prayer answered – For years I would cry. I never looked at myself in the mirror. I found BPA online after praying for help. I have found not only an angel, but family. Dr. Boneva cares about you! She is an angel!

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Happy G. –

Not an average laser center – So as soon as I walked in to BPA I knew this wasn't going to be anything like the places I've been before. From the moment you walk in, the facility gives you this medical feel, which I now find very appropriate for something as serious...

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Gina V. –

The best care – This is the best medical and laser center I have ever been to. I really recommend it to everyone who wants someone to care for them and give them the right answer they were looking for so long, not to take their money. Thank you Dr. Boneva, you changed...

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Georgia K. –

Great results for my skin! – I have suffered with acne, I can truly say things are finally looking clearer! Also, the products are amazing! But the most important is the friendly environment!I highly recommend Beauty Plus Aesthetics!You will be satisfied for sure!

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George L. –

Really professional – if you get a treatment at Beauty Plus Aesthetics, you will experience their professionalism. Finally, a laser center, where the person who does the consultation is the person doing the treatment. And guess what, this person is not only a good...

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