Holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends, while often being surrounded by a variety of meals. Around this time of the year, some usually indulge in sweets, alcohol, breads and cheeses, foods that may trigger breakouts or skin problems from the aftereffects.
Here are our Healthy Holiday Tips to help you stay energetic, happy and at ease:

• Sip on ginger tea to help with digestion and reduce bloating
• Focus on spending time with loved ones, rather than food pleasures
• Be mindful and ask your body how it wants to feel after each meal
• Nurture and take care of yourself, be easy on your gentle body
• Eat light the day before and after the big feast
• Have heavier meals in the early hours of the day, for lunch rather than dinner
• Take time to rest after each meal and have a good night sleep so your body can digest the food

By taking a more mindful approach to the upcoming Holiday gatherings, you put your body and mind at ease, so you can enjoy your meal and still feel and look great the next day.

For questions, please Contact Us at Beauty Plus Aesthetics and we will be more than happy to help you with any skin concerns you may have.

Happy Holidays! Stay Glowing, Healthy and Beautiful!