One of the most effective natural medicines for skin problems and health disorders are Neem leaves.


Neem leaves promote a vast internal cleanse, which improves the body’s metabolism and eliminates toxins.  This detoxifying herb helps with any constipation problems you may have and significantly improves your immune system. Neem leaves have many health benefits to our overall health, thus our skin conditions also improve.

So, you may be asking yourself- how does this promote a healthy and clear skin? Since Neem cleanses your blood from impurities, as a result it gives you a clear skin. The herbal miracle helps in getting rid of bacteria and as a result it stimulates a more pleasant body odor. The more frequent use of Neem leaves, in your daily diet and skin cleanse regiment helps get rid of all of your skin disorders gradually.

Here are few ways you can use Neem Leaves:

  • Taking capsules or chew few Neem leaves a day (although this method doesn’t have the most pleasant taste)
  • Add Neem Powder to your tea, 2-3 tbsp
  • Boil Neem leaves and use the water for bathing
  • If you are experiencing skin allergies, boiled Neem leaves water can be applied to the skin, after it has cooled off. As a replacement, you can also use Neem Paste.  In few days the allergy should be gone
  • Store Neem water in small batches and use it as face packs (You can also freeze them)
  • For the treatment of acne use Neem Oil because it keeps the skin safe from any bacteria. Neem Oil is also great for cuts, burns or any other skin injuries