Lucas, 28 yrs old

It was a gloomy and rainy day and I was on my way to the office. I had few clients booked for appointments that day. As I entered the reception area I saw, at the corner of the guest couch, a young man sitting quietly.  He glanced up at me, with fear in his eyes, and then he looked back down.

I had two other consultations prior to his. It was Lucas’ turn and I invited him to come in to my office. First, I asked him to share with me his problem, concern and what had brought him to me.  Although, it was pretty obvious that he had severe acne, in some of its worst case. His skin was covered with cysts, deep scars, blackheads, which showed me that he has had that condition for quite some time already.

Lucas’ story sounded very similar to my other clients’ experiences. He had gone through numerous dermatologists, who have prescribed him various medications, ranging from chemically based creams to antibiotic pills. Lucas had been taking different prescription drugs, prior to our meeting. Nonetheless, he said he had seen positive results for short periods of time, only while on medication.

While Lucas was sharing his story with me, the young man was either staring at the floor or glancing at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact at all cost. He was muttering, I could feel the nervousness in his voice.  At the end of our dialogue, he seemed very skeptical, having no faith that he can have beautiful and clear skin again. He told me that after our consultation, he would at least expect for some of the acne, cysts and blackheads to diminish but full recovery didn’t seem like one of his options.

I showed Lucas cases from my other clients and explained to him that lasting results and clear skin are possible. However, first he needed to strictly follow some of my recommendations. Yes, in order to have great and long lasting results he needed to be patient and committed. Furthermore, I had started to learn more about each detail of his life and together we began to tackle down the causes of his skin condition.

So here is his story:

Lukas works in the finance industry and he often needs to stay long hours at the office. He has a very dynamic work life, where he is constantly exposed to stressful situations. Lucas confessed that he barely had any personal time to enjoy. Nonetheless, he had also become obsessed with the idea that he is not attractive enough to have any social life, so work seemed like the Great Escape.  Sounds familiar? At least, I have heard of many similar stories from many patients. Along with having barely any social life, what seemed to be the major causes of his skin condition are some of his poor lifestyle habits: no rest, no personal time, no romance/intimacy, no social relations, unhealthy eating and overall just poor self care.

At that moment I thought to myself, this young man needs love and nurturing. But that would not be achieved only through my help and care. I was determined, with his will of course, to help him learn to love and care for his own self. I believe that the first step to any treatment is to show understanding, acceptance of your present situation and love for who you are. Desired results are achieved through mutual patience and dedication, when my patience and I work collaboratively- as a team.

Therefore, along with some healthy lifestyle recommendations, I offered Lucas; he went through several treatments that help in achieving his unbelievable results. So here is how the procedure went and the step-by-step plan:

First, I cleaned the skin thoroughly by extraction. This helps for any product or treatment that I use, have a much deeper penetration and effect on the skin.

Second, I used Vibradermabrasion to clean any dead skin cells. This procedure was followed by applying salicylyc acid, which is designed to enhance skin cells renewal. (

Third, I applied the laser treatment IPL. I call these first three steps of the process- Skin Trifecta.

Fourth, I applied a Mint Masque for 15 minutes, in order to cool and normalize skin redness, especially after the laser treatment. (

Simultaneously, while Lucas underwent the Skin Trifecta treatments, he also had a Colon Hydrotherapy session following each visit. I can’t stress enough how, having a clean and healthy colon, is vital for a beautiful and radiant skin.

In a period of one and a half years, Lucas had been getting the Skin Trifecta treatment, Colon Hydrotherapy and following a healthier lifestyle regiment. Such lifestyle changes include: avoiding the consumption of dairy products, which usually have an effect on the appearance of acne. Other diet changes Lucas has incorporated are lowering the consumption of meat, alcohol, spicy and sugary foods. His meal plan consisted of mostly fruits, vegetables, both raw and steamed. In addition, he drank about a gallon of water daily, both flat and infused, in order to maintain bodily hydration and promote colon cleanse.

In order to maintain his new clear and glowing skin, Lucas began to practice an evening regiment. Before going to bed, he uses the Apple Toner, followed by a Night Serum and a good 7 hours of sleep, so his skin and body can restore. ( / (

The results were mesmerizing! Today, Lucas radiates from joy because he has gained back his self-confidence. Now, that he has adapted a new diet, daily regiment and a healthier lifestyle, Lucas got a girlfriend, a beautiful girl whom he never before found the courage to approach. Furthermore, he got a raise at work. Unbelievable opportunities began to unfold in front of Lucas because he deserved it.

And so do you! Give yourself the gift of feeling fulfilled and joyful. Beauty Plus Aesthetics is here to help!

Love to all,