Cold weather reduces our skin’s moisture levels and depletes its natural immunity. These changes make our skin dry, red, itchy and irritated. This is why it is extra important to make sure that your skin gets plenty of added proper nutrients and moisture. Skin serums with anti-inflammatory properties are more beneficial than typical moisturizers, because they contain smaller molecules that can penetrate deeper into the epidermis. I would also recommend serums with anti-aging or antioxidant ingredients. Our Night Serum is perfect, because it restores hydration and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Also, don’t forget that the sun can just as easily damage your skin in the winter cold as it can in the summer heat. Be sure to always apply quality sunscreen when spending time outside.

Now, to reduce the dry and dull look of winter skin and allow serums to reach their most effective depth, it’s crucial to exfoliate dead skin cells. To achieve this I strongly recommend our most popular treatment Vibradermabrasion. It’s a superior exfoliation procedure that removes up to 90% of the stratum corneum with minimal trauma to the epidermis. It stimulates the dermis resulting in increased metabolism and new cell growth. The treatment is absolutely painless and improves skin tone and texture immediately. Contrary to microdermabrasion it is safe on even sensitive skin because it does not cause any post-treatment irritation.

As with everything, having healthy and beautiful skin requires good lifestyle habits, use of quality products and a lot of discipline. If you take this approach, your skin will look and feel great always, regardless of the icy winter winds and low temperatures.