Healthy Skin and a Healthy Colon – Worth Every $0 Spent – My experince with Dr. Boneva has been and excellent one. I first began with non-invasive anti-aging skin rejuvenation last August and the results were amazing. I now have vibrant, healthy skin, looks years younger thanmy age and everyone complements me. She even managed to remove an unsightly scar over my eyebrow.

Now I am on a a quarterly maintenance program to maintain clear and healthy skin and I just began a series of 0xygen Colonics using the Colenz machine system which has further induced clearer, healthy looking skin, aided in weight loss and even removed several pounds of gall stones – all effortlessly and painlessly.

Dr. Bonever has recently introduced me to a Holistic Health Counselor who prepares and delivers healthy organic juices which aid in continued weight loss, clearer thinking and increased energy.

I highly recommend Beauty Plus Aesthetics to anyone who wants healthy, vibrant clear skin via non-invasive techniques and a healthy colon.