Such positive result in just 4 weeks!! – when i first came to beauty plus aesthetics i only had 4 weeks in nyc as i was relocating to a new country. i shared my story of never having good (relative word in my life) skin and now that i was moving to a new country i wanted to do what i could to have a clean face. dr. Boneva and i both knew that we were pressed for time and there may be no results to compare before i left. but what a shocker!!! being of indian descent i have always lived with blemishes (created even when i didn’t pop those pimples!). but after 4 weeks, following the regiment to the last drop, i can finally say i am leaving behind the makeup bag!! i never thought that would be possible. i know i still have a long way to go to actually get rid of all my blemishes but my life has been altered knowing that its actually possible. i know its working b/c my mother complimented me on my skin which is very hard to come by!! 🙂 i highly recommend vibradermadrasion for anyone who has tried EVERYTHING else!