Can’t Wait – My appointment w Dr Boneva is around the corner. These past two weeks i have had the worst break out ever in my life. I suffer from acne since i was teenager till now the age of 28. Seriously why do i have a problem w this?? To the point that i have no idea what to do. I think i have tried everything and w no good result. Last year i went to see Dermatologist. Did laser did glycol peel (didn’t work). And i remember she told me to do Hydrotherapy Colon and thats the only thing i have not tried. A bit hesitate to do the procedures. Thats the only thing i can come up with to do the colon. When i woke up in the morning i always checked up my phone. Always get the email and good deals. Living social email pop out w the good deal for Colon Hydrotherapy. So i waited till i get to my office to get the deal and made sure to get it as soon as i sat down my chair. Got in to the office. W out thinking twice i bought the deal. And within the day i have tried to go back see my dermatologist and get her antibiotics. Called Dr. but she is in vacation wont be back till at the end of June. And made appointment w diff doctor got it but for the next following week. Just in case thing. The next day i came up w idea to get antibiotics w out seeing the Dr. went to Duane Read and Pharmacist said she had to call the Dr. had to wait till she calls back. The same day i wanted to make appointment to do the Colon. and i talked to front desk and asked her about the procedures…She also explained to me about the Trifecta which she encourage me to get the deal in Living Social. And i got my appointment for both colon and trifecta on the same day. I cant really wait to see Dr. Boneva. I hope i can go to work on Monday w out having to cover my face w my hair. During this period i avoid chit chatting w my coworkers..I didn’t even want to move from my chair. and just cant really wait to see Dr. Boneva.