LET YOUR SKIN SMILE – I’m in my 70’s, a professional, still working and active. But many happy years in the sun had taken their toll and I knew it would take a special person to make my skin smile again. After much research on the Skin Rejuvenation possibilities in NYC, I found Dr. Mariana Boneva and knew that my search was over. Dr. Boneva is superb at her craft, loves a challenge, and makes you relax from the first time you meet her. It ‘s amazing how such non-invasive, no-downtime treatments can erase spots and wrinkles and bring a glow to your face. This is truly a transformational process. And Dr. Boneva loves her work and is with you every step of the way both as a superb dermatologist and a reassuring presence. So don’t wait because you think you’re too old or too young or too whatever. Give yourself a gift today and let your skin smile.