Incredible Results & Great Service – In the past several months I have been fighting a severe acne breakouts and I haven’t been able to find the reason why my skin has gotten that bad.

I was at a point, where I was willing to do anything to stop the breakouts and have back my clearskin. I heard about Beauty Plus Aesthetics through a friend, who gave me very credential reasons to go and try it. I was told Dr. Boneva, was like a miracle worker. So, I went and even after the first time, results were visible.

Dr. Boneva is an incredible professional, willing to help you and fight with you silmultaneously until your problem is resolved. I went to a consultaion, prior to my treatments, and due to her extensive knowledge of skin, she provided me with several reasons of what can be the cause of my acne. I listened to her instructions and I saw immediate improvement.

Unlike any dermotologists, who never found the reason for my acne and who continuously prescribed me only with oral medication, Dr. Boneva actually tries to find individual’s internal disbalances, which is very frequent the major cause for any skin problems.

She is a person, not only dedicated to her work, but also to her clients. With her help I have seen incredible skin transformation and I am finally able to enjoy life with perfectly clear and youthful looking skin, without any makeup needed. I am at the age of 23 and I have never had such an flawless skin, my whole life and I am extremely grateful for the results and everything Dr. Boneva has done for me.

Dr. Boneva is a true miracle for me.