I developed acne early. By high school I was breaking out frequently and not only on my face but on my shoulders, chest and back. For a teenage girl this was devastating. My self esteem was pretty low and of course the issue of boys made me very self conscious of my skin. I went regularly to a dermatologist where I had light treatments and constant doses of tetracycline, then erythromycin, all yielding not effect. I was told to get out in the sun because sunshine would dry it up. So of course I did with no sun block because that what you did back then. I found another dermatologist who was more cutting edge. He gave me the newest creams or gels and pills. Each time he told me this would work. I had Retin-A before most people did-the new miracle drug. I had Accutane, twice! I had to go on the pill to take it because of the birth defects associated with it. I have to grant my acne went through changes. It wasn’t as bad as a teenager’s acne but it still persisted. It would flair up even while I was still on the pill for 20 years. It changed from regular white heads to an additional cystic type, very painful. I eventually moved to NYC and found another doctor. By this time, I had stopped taking oral treatments for years. I used topical only when things got really bad. For the most part I had resigned myself to the fact that I would always have adult acne and learned to cover it up. As a stage performer I got used to doing this so I applied this to every day life as well. Several years ago I started looking for ways to decease the scarring and rosacea on my face. That is when I met Dr. Mariana Boneva and to say my life changed is an understatement. She was thorough in her assessment of my skin. I couldn’t believe that my whole approach to healing my skin had been wrong. I was trying to heal from the outside when I should have been looking at the inside. I was going through a cleansing when I met Dr. Boneva so I was already in tuned to what she was saying. My skin was the mirror to my body. Her treatment and her products work with your body to help it heal and to maintain its natural health. I have been following her advice and using her products for over 7 years. My skin has never looked healthier. I do still break out but this happens much less often and I can usually attribute it to something my body doesn’t like. Her products help heal my skin faster than any drug has ever done in the past. She truly understands her field and is a great innovator! By Ruth Croson-Lowney Retired Supervisor Flow Cytometry Laboratory, NYBC Professional Performer