I’ve always loved the vibradermabrasion treatments here. I find Dr. Boneva to be very straightforward, direct, skilled and professional. I’ve come to trust her entirely with my facial treatment. So yesterday, when she mentioned she could treat the skin tags on my eyelids, I was sold. This skin tag has been there for 15 years, no surgeon would agree to touch it. It had grown around 3-5 of my eyelashes. I’d learned to live with it, thinking there was no other option. In one very precise, delicate laser treatment session, Dr. Boneva removed it completely. There was virtually no irritation, no mark, no scar of any kind — and there’s not a single sign, as of this morning, that it was ever there. I was beyond ecstatic. I would highly recommend Dr. Boneva for any service, but in particular this one, as there’s nobody else I’ve ever even heard of who can do it.